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What Can You Do When You May Be By Yourself on February 14?  

5 Coping TIPS  

1. Schedule Ahead

  • Valentine’s Day is one day in your life.
  • Follow your regular schedule (Remind yourself now).
  • If you don’t have a regular schedule, perhaps you might try creating one.

2. Cope Ahead is practice

  • Identify now the challenges you might experience on Valentine’s Day.
  • Name and write the thoughts/feelings that you are likely to experience.
  • Plan ahead now. Write the details of how and what you would be doing to cope.
  • Imagine yourself experiencing the situations/feelings now. 
  • Practice what you planned (including thoughts and actions) now.
  • This is a skill learned in DBT.

3. Open Your Heart

  • To you and your unique strengths.
  • Love your imperfecctions.
  • Show kindness to yourself.
  • Plan some self care activities for the Valentines’s Day.
  • Schedule activities you enjoy.
  • Avoid Hollywood romance movies. They are likely not going to be helpful.

4. Reach Out

  • Talk to friends, family and others who understand.
  • You might plan a group activity.

5. Do Some Good

  • Touch someone in need.
  • Reach out to that sibling, friend etc., you might have been avoiding.
  • Pet your, dog or cat.

Remember one day does not define who you are or predict your life experiences. These are suggestions only to help you have a WONDER FULL day everyday not just February 14.

What did you try?

Do share!

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